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Grad Success

Profiles of Florida State's Best and Brightest

Josef Rainer

Josef Rainer

College of Communication & Information

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, 2014

Global Development Team at General Motors

Grad Success: Josef Rainer

Josef Rainer has always been an avid volunteer. In the past, he’s worked with the Children’s Campaign of Florida, the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation and the Tallahassee Rotaract. From a background like that, it was only natural that he found himself drawn to the helpful side of Information Technology when choosing his major at Florida State University.

“Any IT project I work on has a primary goal to improve the lives of everyone’s everyday tasks,” Rainer said. “I enjoy the benefits that everyone can … find from various technologies.”

Rainer says that FSU’s tradition, atmosphere and degree in Information Technology made it “the most obvious and natural choice.” Choosing FSU led to many educational and professional successes for him, such as developing “iVisit - Doctor in Your Pocket,” a patient portal application designed with three fellow students. The app earned Rainer’s group the Campus Choice Award at the 2014 Digitech, an exhibition put on by Florida State’s Program for Interdisciplinary Computing.

Continuing on his career path, Rainer was offered a job at General Motors on its Global Development Team before he even received his diploma in May 2014. Rainer found that with teamwork and collaboration, it could produce greater productivity, creativity and support. These are crucial pillars in his work of improving consumer vehicle interaction.

On a more personal level, Rainer’s career goal is to continue developing systems that improve the way people interact with technology.

“I want to be involved with the unification of all our various technologies into a more simplistic medium for consumption,” Rainer said.

To any future and current Information Technology students, he says, “Stand out. Grow a passion for technology and try to set up systems yourself. Lastly, part-time employment as an undergraduate is especially important in IT.”

Get involved in clubs. Your major is important, but being well rounded is crucial as well. It sounds easier said than done, but that’s what college is for: trying something new!