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Profiles of Florida State's Best and Brightest

Ilya Pozin

Ilya Pozin

College of Communication & Information

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Studies, 2005

Owner of Pluto.TV, Open Me, and Ciplex

Ilya Pozin: A Nerd Who Can Network

During a time when most teenagers have trouble defining their passions, Ilya Pozin was embarking on his journey as what he calls, “a serial entrepreneur.” As a 17-year-old old, Pozin started Ciplex, a web development and marketing firm. His drive at such an early age is a likely reason as to why he was a recipient of the Florida State Thirty Under 30 award in 2014.

“Information studies was the perfect program for me when I went to FSU,” Pozin reflected. “I know I was going to be an entrepreneur since high school and the program offered a great foundation that covered various aspects of business. From project management to leadership, it gave me a great baseline to grow from. I don’t see myself shifting from this path. In fact, if I took a regular 9-5 job right now, I think I’d be a really bad employee.”

Though Pozin had already begun his career as an entrepreneur before starting school, he says that his background and education in IT had the biggest impact on his entrepreneurship.

Through Ciplex, a business that was involved in the launch of over 2,000 websites and marketing campaigns, Pozin learned what worked and what didn’t. He saw some companies succeed while other companies failed. His time at Florida State helped him to hone critical business skills that he needed to manage his company.

“FSU gave me a strong foundation to be able to face all sorts of problems. From the education in management to the network skills I developed that allowed me to seek the help of friends, partners, and other successful entrepreneurs in the space,” remarked Pozin.

From these experiences, Pozin was able to start two more companies, Pluto.TV and Open Me.

Pozin is grateful for all of his successes, which include Inc. Magazine and Florida State’s Thirty Under 30 recognitions, receiving an award at the White House for being one of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Influencers, and writing columns for both Forbes and Inc. magazines.

“FSU matured me into who I am today. It’s an amazing school that gives people a lot of choices and opportunities–both personally and educationally.”

FSU taught me how to network, and that was critical. Going to a large, social school allowed me to meet a lot of incredible people. I use those skills to network to this day. People have a natural tendency to help each other. You need to meet as many people as possible, pay it forward, and it will pay back. A nerd who can network is an unstoppable combination. Go Noles!