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Grad Success

Profiles of Florida State's Best and Brightest

Clinton Mitchell

Clinton Mitchell

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Bachelor of Arts in English, 2006

President/C.E.O., Diplomatic Enterprises, LLC

Q&A with Clinton Mitchell

Why did you choose FSU?

I spent my first year of college at a small school in Indiana playing football. At the end of my first year, my younger brother was accepted to FSU and was committed to going there but had no on-campus housing. My parents made it abundantly clear that he could not live off-campus alone. I made the decision to transfer and move in with him so he could go to his dream school.

How has FSU helped contribute to your success?

My high school was far from the worst and equally as far from being the best. There was still much to learn when I arrived on campus. Florida State helped make up that gap. They provided me resources, opportunities, and a community in which to flourish. Many of the opportunities and experiences I had at FSU I’m confident could not have occurred on any other campus in America. I was an Orientation Leader, interned at a lobbyist firm, and was very socially active on campus. FSU helped me to integrate work, networking, and knowledge into transferable skills.

What do you currently consider your greatest contribution to your field?

My greatest contribution to the field has been diversity. Most individuals in my line of work are about twice my age, white, and in a much higher tax bracket. As such, their outlook on business, and on life, is much different than my own. Diversity in my field and many others is important because of the difference our backgrounds and experience give us. My team is pretty diverse, and I plan to make it even more diverse because the difference in opinions makes us better.

What roles did you have at FSU? How have they molded your experience?

I was an Orientation Leader, Assistant Director of Off-Campus Housing, and Co-Publisher of “The Nubian Waves” for the Black Student Union. I was also Volunteer Chair for Dance Marathon, a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the Garnet & Gold Key, and the Black Actor’s Guild. The best thing these roles did for me was to make me a better people person. As an Orientation Leader, I helped welcome thousands of incoming students and their parents. Sharing FSU’s history, allure and promise with students from all over the world was challenging and exciting. It helped me become a better storyteller and to reach people from various backgrounds.

Don’t pigeonhole yourself into a particular sect, community, or group. The world is diverse and shrinking every day. FSU prepares you to handle it by providing countless opportunities to work with individuals, groups, and classmates from all over the world. Take it. Seize it. Learn and grow from it.