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Grad Success

Profiles of Florida State's Best and Brightest

Shayne Mifsud

Shayne Mifsud

College of Communication & Information

  • Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, 2005

Director of Brand Strategy and New Business Development at DreamWorks Animation

Grad Success: Shayne Mifsud

Shayne Mifsud never expected to work for DreamWorks Animation.

“I don’t think you can ever predict where you’re going to land,” he said. “But any opportunity you have is truly the right opportunity to grow.”

As director of brand strategy and new business development at DreamWorks Animation, opportunity has remained a major part of Mifsud’s career. He is always on the search for chances to build new partnerships and further the DreamWorks experience. He currently manages partnerships on five continents.

His leap into marketing began with his first internship at Universal Orlando during his junior year at Florida State University. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in advertising in 2005, he was able to secure a position as a Youth Sales Coordinator at Universal Orlando Resort. From there, he only propelled upwards.

In 2011, he became the director of marketing for Universal Studios and Resorts and embarked on an international journey from Orlando to Singapore, where he oversaw campaigns for the launch of Universal Studios Singapore. After seven years with Universal, Mifsud transitioned to his current position at DreamWorks.

Mifsud, who is an Orlando native, has always been interested in giving back to his community. Growing up, he provided fundraising and volunteer services to Orlando’s Base Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation. He describes the experience as being incredibly important to him and plans to get involved with similar charities in Los Angeles.

Overall, Mifsud believes it was his experience at Florida State that shaped him into the person he is today.

“Florida State gave me the ability to network, the ability to connect, the ability to diversify myself—through football, through the arts, and through traveling abroad. The education provided the core foundation, but it was everything that surrounded it that really set apart my time at Florida State.”

Always connect and network with the people you meet. Learn from your mistakes and any experiences that may not seem fun. You can grow by learning what works for you and what doesn’t.