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Grad Success

Profiles of Florida State's Best and Brightest

Camilo Giraldo

Camilo Giraldo

College of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2013

Real Estate Broker and Developer

Grad Success: Camilo Giraldo

Camilo Giraldo never thought of himself as book smart, but he knew he had business skills and he knew he had initiative. Those were the only reasons he needed to enroll at Florida State University as his next career move. Fortunately for Giraldo, this turned out to be an opportune decision that led him to the real estate field, and also gave him the opportunity to be an FSU Thirty Under 30 Award recipient.

Giraldo took his real estate licensing exam when he was just 19 and spent the next few years at FSU focusing on the specific skills he needed for his field. He wanted to study something that matched his interest in city planning and passion for completing projects. That’s why he chose to study civil engineering at FSU Panama City.

In Giraldo’s opinion, the civil engineering program was like “going through a boot camp” that turned students into “problem-solving machines.” That may sound daunting, but he’s grateful for the experience because the real estate field regularly requires creative solutions.

Some students spend their time in college engaging in intellectual discussions, but others, such as Giraldo, view it as a time to begin entrepreneurial ventures. As undergraduates, Giraldo and his brother bought property in Tallahassee. They made plans to build a series of houses and today the project is almost complete. While it was difficult at first, with experiences such as being turned down for loans at such a young age, Giraldo and his brother are proud of their determination to keep pushing for their goal.

However, that’s not to say that Camilo Giraldo didn’t spend any time with his classmates. Giraldo also founded the Civil Engineering Association at FSU Panama City. The primary goal of the club is to help students secure jobs before graduation.

Still ambitious even after graduating, Giraldo sees himself master planning a city or building bridges one day. When asked where his career is going to lead him, Giraldo replied, “I am the one taking my career where I want.”

Go to a football game! The sports here are fun. FSU also has incredible professors and resources. FSU can help you get the career you want. It did for me.